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    We used jFusion to integrate our phpBB users within the Joomla authentication system. We were already using the mehdi bridge, but the way it wanted to integrate the users was not fitting to us, because mehdi requires that all users must create a new password after integration.

    So, I thought, let's give jFusion a try. It was a wise decision! JFusion's integration is amazing! You just have to follow instructions in the documentation (although a bit outdated), understand the difference between master and slave plugins, and you're set! Just be sure you know what you're doing.

    Now we have Joomla as a layer where the mehdi bridge lays the phpBB display, and JFusion handles user-authentication. Great! As a token of gratitude we have donated to help jFusion's further development. It is a great product and a lot of hard work has been put into it. Thank you again jFusion!

  • Star10Star10Star10Star10Star10 - ParaTracker

    I would have to say, I have tried Joomdle as well and in comparison JFusion beats it hands down. This bridge is excellent if you need to bridge a number of different components or programs into your Joomla install, my only complaint is that in bridging Moodle, sometimes the Moodle side over rides Joomla and ends up being full screened eliminating the Joomla side all together.

    A minor issue to deal with, I am sure it is just in need of some tweaking and is nothing big, but honestly, this is the way to go.

    I develop professional websites for my clients and use Joomla in every instance as well as JFusion since nothing can of yet.

  • Star10Star10Star10Star10Star10 - steam.roy

    Hey, i would just like to say this is one of the best script i found. Great support as well.

    I know a number of paid scripts that do not even come close to what jfusion does. Excellent work!

    Also, just want to say thanks to all the developers.