JFusion Features


JFusion Feature Overview

How does JFusion work?

JFusion does its magic with the use of its JFusion user and authentication plugins. These plugins allow the complete customisation of the Joomla login behaviour without any core hacks to Joomla. When multiple softwares are integrated there needs to be one "master" software that controls all user management actions. When a user logs in to Joomla, JFusion will validate the user based on the user details in the master software. If a user is succesfully authenticated, JFusion will automatically create or update the user in all of the slave softwares.


Bi-directional User Sync

JFusion can import users into Joomla as well as export users from Joomla into external softwares.


Dual Login

JFusion will also create sessions for all softwares, in order for users to be logged into all softwares at once. This allows users to switch between softwares without having to login again. Please note that your softwares must run on the same domain or subdomain in order for this to work.


Visual Intergration

Another important aspect is that you want these softwares to look like they are running inside Joomla itself. We have a couple of options on how to achieve this: 1) direct link with template modifications of the external software, 2) the use of an iframe wrapper and 3) frameless visual integration that grabs the output of the external software and displays it inside your Joomla template. Which option you chose depends on how big your site is and how good you are in modifying html/css templates. For more information visit our documentation section.