JFusion 1.5.4 Released

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JFusion 1.5.4 Released

Postby Alan on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:05 am

We are releasing JFusion 1.5.4 to mainly address an issue with 1.5.3 that prevented a successful clean install of JFusion along with a couple other minor things.

JFusion 1.5.4 Changelog:
  • Fixed the SQL error upon a new install of JFusion
  • Fixed the duplicate base URL in the breadcrumbs pathway for plugins with this feature enabled

Discussion Bot
  • Fixed to not allow quick replies for threads that have been locked

phpBB Plugin
  • Removed a PHP notice for some boards when SEF is not enabled

JFusion 1.5.3 Changelog:
  • Fixed smiley parsing for forum softwares so that html is not cut off when using a character limit.
  • cURL model: Fixed issue where parsing loginforms failed when the type field was the last field in the form identifier

JFusion Search Plugin:
  • Updated search plugin and JFusion plugin API to accept $ordering passed in by Joomla so that the plugins can return accurate results based on the selected ordering.
  • Fixed issue with ForumListSearchPlugin element where the jname was not properly extracted for use with the advanced param element causing issues with list of forums for forums following a non-forum software.
  • Added catches in the search plugin to only sort results that contain the field to be sorted by to prevent notices. All results returned that does not contain the required sortable field will be taked onto the end of the returned results.

JFusion Discussion Bot:
  • Made discussion bot pagination compatible with article pages.

JFusion Plugins
Magento Plugin:
  • Fix a bug in the language synchronization
  • Updated Joomla module for magento to allow content url rewriting (secure/unsecure depending on the magento context)

Gallery2 Plugin
  • Fixed to allow direct links to Gallery2 from search results
  • Added: GalleryInitSecondPass() to destroySession to fix a gallery2 plugin issue.

Dokuwiki Plugin
  • Fixed: cookie set time for dokuwki. time()+time()+60*60*24*365 to time()+60*60*24*365 ..... integer over flow causing the time to be in the past.
  • Fixed a couple notices in dokuwiki_search.php and public.php
  • Dokuwiki's getSearchResults retrieves and returns the page's modification date/time as created field.

vBulletin Plugin
  • Fixed issue with JPATH_BASE on Windows systems in hooks file
  • Search results are more accurate based on ordering
  • Fixed an issue with undoing vB's frameless optimization function where the undoing wasn't fully executed
  • Fixed issue with vB where database names were not properly quoted in USE queries which led to mysql errors for names with dashes in them.

Wordpress Plugin
  • Newly added!!

phpBB Plugin
  • Search results are more accurate based on ordering

SMF Plugin
  • Search results are more accurate based on ordering
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