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JFusion 1.5.1 Released!

Postby Alan on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:07 pm

We're releasing JFusion 1.5.1 which addresses several bugs in the 1.5.0 release. You can upgrade via our one click upgrade system in JFusion's Versions view in Joomla's backend or download the package via our Downloads link. Please report any bugs you find at http://code.jfusion.org (registration required).


  • General
    • Fixed INVALID_DRIVER error
    • Fixed some issues with the bbcode parser and languagues such asRussian where characters were corrupted in quotes for example.
    • improve the behavior of the language update process
  • SMF Plugin
    • Fixed critical issue with smf and frameless.
  • Moodle Plugin
    • Moodle plugin user.php: trim users name so we have no space in front of the name
    • 1.5 Moodle DSSO support: Local scope prevented the global Moodle CFG to be accessed. Corrected.
    • Reported DSSO problems
  • vBulletin Plugin
      Updated vB plugin to manually destory cookies if cURL logout fails.
    • Fixed issue with vB's AEC integration where advanced user group mode was ignored upon plan expiration/subscription if a specific group was not selected in the micro integration's settings.
    • Fixed an issue with vB that lead to a fatal error if JFusion attempted to use vB's datamanager if initiated via the dual login plugin in vB standalone.
    • Fixed issue with vB where JS redirects had encoded amps in them.
    • Fixeda new issue with remember me cookies getting wiped out if logging in via frameless which must have cropped up in recent versions of vB .
  • Dokuwiki Plugin
      Added an error message preventing dokuwiki plugin running with no default usergroup
  • phpBB Plugin
      Fixed phpBB redirect code to not redirect feeds.
    • Fixed an issue with phpBB hooks file where it used constant DS instead of /.phpBB always used '/' which caused URLs to be incorrect for Windows servers.
    • Fixed issue in phpBB3 frameless where certain pop ups were not standalone when it should or when same page is not in popup but should be frameless integrated.Examples arememberlist.php?mode=searchuser and memberlist.php?mode=contact.
    • Fixed issue where the link to return to phpBB3 index was not parsed after logging in via frameless mode.
  • Gallery2 Plugin
      Fixed problem with gallery 2 breadcrumbs links
  • Joomla Plugin (internal/external)
      Added catch to jplugin's updateUser when checking for correct group to make sure that Joomla's ACL is correct and not corrupted.This should fix the issue for some where their ACL tables were corrupt with public frontend group IDs preventing logins for some.You MUST make sure that advanced user group is setup correctly for the joomla_int plugin.
We are all volunteers so please search before posting and check the documentation as answers to many common questions are there.

Before posting about visual issues with frameless integration, please read this Firebug tutorial first!

I'm only able to make it to the forums every 2 - 3 days so please be patient.

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