The Team

A lot of people have dedicated time to the JFusion project, either by developing code or by their support on the forum. We are always looking for more people to join our JFusion development team, in particular we are looking for people to support and maintain individual JFusion plugins. If you want to help contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Here is a list of people that are currently active members of the JFusion team:

Marius van Rijnsoever

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Team Role: Founder and lead developer

I'm Marius, a medical student from Autralia that has been working on Joomla websites for three years. I started the JFusion project after getting frustrated with exisitng Joomla bridges and had a vision of a Joomla platform that would bring many different software communities together.  JFusion is going through a major growth at the moment thanks to the many people supporting the project. However we will need your continued support to keep the development going at a fast pace. You can make a donation or join the JFusion development team if you would like to help out.

Imran Ali

Location: NOIDA, India
Team Role: Manager

Hey, I'm Imran Ali. I am a B.S. Student(Electronics and Communication Engineering) at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. I have been extensively into Web Development since late 2005. I made the jump to Joomla from other CMSs in early 2008 when I was asked to create a website for a College community. I hadn't made the shift earlier primarily because of the absence of a bug free and fool proof Forum Bridge. And then I found JFusion. Now all websites that I create are based on Joomla. I answered Support tickets on the Forums and I was invited to join the JFusion Team. I took it up as a challenge! I have also helped in bringing the new website design besides being a Support Specialist. I would like to thank the entire JFusion Team for their support and the confidence they have entrusted in me.

Henk Wevers

Location: Wolfheze, The Netherlands
Team Role: Developer

I'm Henk, a recently retired guy from the Netherlands who has done a lot of different things in his working period of life. From what I've seen I am the Nestor of this great team. Keeps my brains busy. After retirement I decided to build my own (commercial) website, just to have something to do. The website has two parts, Joomla and Moodle, an e-learning system. And then the fun begun, having already programmed in a great number of languages I had now to learn things as CSS, PHP, Ajax, SQL and more. In the process, I tried to integrate Joomla and Moodle and I stumbled upon JFusion and decided to give a helping hand. So here I am, enjoying communicating with all of you.


Alan Hartless

Location: Texas, USA
Team Role: vBulletin Plugin Developer

I'm Alan, a Registered Nurse in Houston, Texas.  I started to toy with web development back in 2003 when shortly after, I discovered  and instantly fell in love with Mambo.  When Mambo and Joomla split, I followed Joomla and have used it since. I recently purchased vBulletin and naturally began looking for a component to bridge it with Joomla.  This of course led me to JFusion, a project I quickly became excited about.  Testing, hacking and posting reports to Google Code landed me the opportunity to actively develop the vBulletin plugin.  I'm very excited about working with Haythem and the others on making thisplugin the best vBulletin/Joomla bridge option available!  Thanks to Marius for pioneering such an awesome extension!

Alan Hartless

Morten Hundevad

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Team Role: SMF and DokuWiki Plugin Developer

My name is Morten, I work with php in my spare time, and have found that JFusion is a project that i would like to do my best to improve. I have a few projects of my own and one of them is a project caled flv4php to use with flv streaming/thumbs of flv files without ffmpeg. Other than that I am into spiders in my free time. And i also play various PC games.


Sylvain Rayé

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Team Role: Developer

Hi everybody! I’m Sylvain and am 28 years old. I am a web engineer from Switzerland although I’m a French national. I have been developing websites for more than ten years and have created different kind of websites(ecommerce, showcase, elearning platform). My stronghold point are OOP with Java and PHP with a preference for the latter language. I’m also good at manipulations involving javascript, XML, HTML and CSS. I have been working with Joomla! for four years and decided to join the JFusion Team after having provided some bugs fixes and also proposed some improvements. I’m ecstatic to join the Team because they are doing a great work and have also helped the Joomla! community by bringing to life a really great idea! JFusion has even saved me a lot of time and I feel obliged to provide my time to this project in return. I’m working as a manager, analyst and developer on a new project which integrates Joomla, Magento and a commercial e-learning system provided by our Partner with a special emphasis to respect the different licences that the software come with. I hope it is clear why JFusion is so helpful for me just like others in the community. I would soon need to integrate different web applications like a bug tracker and forum on another project. So JFusion is the perfect solution for me like others.  I wish you the best of luck with this component. I thank the team for the winderful reception!

Sylvain Rayé

John-Paul Takats

Location: Rochester, NY, United States of America
Team Role: Elgg Plugin Developer

I'm John-Paul (JP), a web analyst for the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have been developing websites for several years and use Joomla to power many of them. I stumbled upon JFusion looking for a good way to bring a wiki into Joomla. I later played around with an open source social-networking tool called Elgg and realized that JFusion Elgg support would be useful. I began work on it and realized this would be a great opportunity to get involved with the JFusion team. My hobbies outside of the net are scooter riding and autocross racing my car.

Inactive Team Members

Inactive Team Members

James Bream
Christoph Pinkl
Chris Simon
Christopher Downs
Mark Bender
Peter Aus
Gordon Petty
Matheus Mendes
Dan Lewi Harkestad
Erlend Heggen